Volunteer and Retired Providers Program

Washington State supports healthcare volunteerism through the Volunteer and Retired Providers Program. This unique, state-funded benefit pays for malpratice insurance for healthcare volunteers, and license renewal for retired healthcare volunteers.

Volunteer and Retired Providers Program materials should be submitted to the Washington State Department of Health at the following address for processing:

Department of Health
Office of Community Health Systems
Volunteer and Retired Providers Program
P.O. Box 47853
Olympia, WA

Phone number: (360) 236-2804
Fax number: (360) 236-2830
Email: vrpprogram@doh.wa.gov

Please contact us if you need any support with your application. 

Continuing Education

University Spokane manages HEALTHWA, the health sciences library system, which also provides workshops and webinars to licensed healthcare providers. 

Volunteer Management and Recruitment

Volgistics is cloud based software for recruiting, tracking and coordinating volunteers. It can be connected to a database tracking of hours, and allows volunteers to schedule themselves. 

Energize is a website with free and paid resources for volunteer management. 

e-volunteerism is an online journal (for subscription) with articles and publication suggestions for leaders of volunteers.

Volunteer Match is a free site that allows nonprofits to list volunteer positions. The site has an excellent app through which individuals can seek volunteer opportunities, and is also linked to AmeriCorps, Vista and several corporate volunteer efforts.

Idealist is a free site that allows nonprofits to list paid and volunteer positions and internships. The site is very user friendly and widely utilized.  Idealist also includes extensive resources regarding volunteer management best practices.

The Nonprofit Resource Center includes extensive resources related to volunteer management.Cultural Competency

Cultural Competency

Speak Your Languages provides free, online training for interpreters

Cultural Competency Cultural competency guidelines for providers handout from the Free Clinic of SW Washington

Effective Communication Tools for Healthcare Professionals (online course description with registration information) from the US Department of Health and Human Services 

Books and Articles

Volunteer Management
Mobilizing All the Resources of the Community
2nd Edition. By Steve McCurley and Rick Lynch.

A People Lens
101 Ways to Move Your Organization Forward
 from Volunteer Vancouver

12 Key Actions of Volunteer Program Champions: CEOs Who Lead the Wayby Betty B. Stallings

The New Volunteer Workforce By David Eisner, Robert T. Grimm Jr., Shannon Maynard, & Susannah Washburn