Patient Care

Tools and Resources


Free and Charitable Clinic Quality of Care Guidelines - These guidelines represent the knowledge of many free clinic founders, directors and leaders. The document includes a clinic assessment form.

Multilingual Patient Education Materials - Patient education materials in a variety of languages, on topics requested by free clinics

Patient Fact Sheets - Cusomizable fact sheets on a variety of topics, available in Spanish and English from the American Public Health Association.

Health Education Resource Exchange - Clearninghouse of health promotion materials and events in Washington State.

10 Steps You Can Take: Actions for Novel H1N1 Influenza Planning and Response for Medical Offices and Outpatient Facilities It is critical to assure that medical offices and other outpatient facilities that provide routine, episodic, and/or chronic healthcare services can manage an increased demand for services in the midst of a novel H1N1 influenza outbreak. 

H1N1 Flu: A Resource for Clinicians Prepared by the CDC for clinicians working with H1N1 infected patients.

Department of Health Primary Care Office The Washington State Department of Health is an excellent resource for learning more about other state agencies and programs providing patient care to vulnerable populations.