Public Resources

Healthcare Access

Free and Charitable Clinics across Washington State and beyond.

An Assessment of Primary Care Capacity in Washington State is a 2016 WHAA report detailing the current healthcare environment for underserved communities.

Washington Healthplan Finder for enrolling in healthcare under the Affordable Care Act.

Apple Health for Kids is free healthcare coverage for children. Apple Health covers medical and dental care as well as preventive care, including immunizations.

Breast, Cervical and Colon Health Program provides free breast, cervical, and colon cancer screening to eligible men and women in Washington State. Eligibility for the BCCHP is primarily based on health insurance status, income, and age. Find out if you are eligible.

Medication Assistance

Rx Outreach is a fully-licensed, nonprofit, mail order pharmacy committed to making the use of prescription drugs safer and more affordable. 

Prescription Drug Assistance Foundation is a nonprofit that helps patients navigate the many pharmaceutical programs through which presciption drugs are available for free or at reduced rates.

Washington Prescription Drug Program is a prescription drug discount program created by the Washington State legislature. Discounts are taken off at the point of sale. 

Washington Drug Card is a free statewide discount prescription assistance program. Washington residents can download a card, locate participating pharmacies, and look up discounted drug prices.

Family Planning

Washington State Department of Health funds family planning services across the state for patients ineligible for Medicaid. 

Behavioral Health and Chemical Dependency

National Alliance on Mental Illness is the largest mental health advocacy organization in the United States with affiliates in most Washington counties.

Washington Recovery Helpline provides 24 hour help and referrals for mental health, chemical dependency and problem gambling.

Dental Care

This comprehensive list from Arcora Foundation includes free, very low cost, and Medicaid dentists, by county, with an option to connect with someone who can help you.

Washington Healthcare Access Alliance Dental Services in Free and Charitable Care Settings, 2015 Report

Social Services Statewide

2-1-1 (Washington Information Network) provides referrals to local resources, including healthcare, housing, food and legal assistance.