Volunteer and Retired Providers Program

Washington State supports healthcare volunteerism through the Volunteer and Retired Providers Program. This unique, state-funded benefit pays for malpratice insurance for healthcare volunteers, and license renewal for healthcare volunteers who only use their license for unpaid work (such as retired volunteers).

The legislature created the Volunteer and Retired Providers (VRP) Program in 1992 (RCW 43.70.470). The program is designed to expand healthcare access by addressing primary barriers to healthcare volunteerism for those providing non-invasive care to underserved patients in Washington. To date, there are nearly 2,000 healthcare volunteers enrolled in this program.

Non-invasive medical care includes the administration of injections, suturing of minor lacerations, and the incision of boils and superficial abscesses. All obstetric care and any procedures coded as surgery are not covered under non-invasive medical care.

Non-invasive dental care includes diagnosis, oral hygiene, restoration and extraction. Orthodontia, and surgical treatments are not covered by our malpractice insurance.

In order to be eligible to to participate, you must complete a malpractice application form and volunteer at a VRP Program approved site. 

Volunteer Malpractice Application

Approved Volunteer Sites

Site Application Form

Please email, fax or send your completed malpractice and site applications to us. 

Washington Healthcare Access Alliance, VRP Program
PO Box 14506
Seattle, WA 98114

Phone number: (267) 713-9422
Fax number: (206) 260-8859
Email: vrp@wahealthcareaccessalliance.org

If you are only using your professional license for unpaid work, the Department of Health will renew it at no cost to you. 

License Renewal Form

Please email, fax or send your license renewal form to the Washington State Department of Health with you license renewl card within 90 days of your renewal date. 

Department of Health
Office of Community Health Systems
Volunteer and Retired Providers Program
PO Box 47853
Olympia, WA 98504-7853

Phone number: (360) 236-2804
Fax number: (360) 236-2830
Email: vrpprogram@doh.wa.gov


Out of State Volunteers

Out of state providers are eligible to volunteer in Washington State up to 30 days per calendar year! Engrossed House Bill 2351 authorizes healthcare providers licensed in another US jurisdiction to volunteer in Washington State, even if they do not hold a Washington State credential. The provider must attest to meeting all legal requirements. 

If you would like to volunteer in Washington, please submit your online attestation at least 10 working days (not including Saturdays Sundays and Washington State holidays) in advance of your volunteer start date.

Out of State Volunteer Attestation

Out of state volunteers are also eligible for malpractice insurance to cover volunteer work. 

Out of State Volunteer Malpractice Application


Please contact us if you need support with your application or have any questions at all. We're here to help!


Continuing Education

Looking for free and low cost continuing education resources? Our partners at the Eastern Washington Area Health Education Center have you covered.