Mission, Vision and Values


The WHAA mission is to strengthen and support the free and charitable clinics of Washington through professional networking, advocacy, and education.


Everyone in Washington can access high quality health care, regardless of ability to pay.






WHAA activities and functions will be guided by the following set of core values:

Respect, Collaboration, Communication, Fiscal Responsibility, Trust, Quality, and Integrity

Respect: We embrace the diversity of all individuals and clinics and demonstrate support for their mission in the community.

Collaboration: We are committed to the responsible partnership of the WHAA and its members to achieve desired results by sharing knowledge and expertise, building consensus to succeed and ultimately creating an environment of mutual support.

Communication: We strive to create a shared understanding among the WHAA and its members in which all voices and opinions are valued and represented. In this, we seek to cultivate a common voice through our association.

Fiscal Responsibility: We will be responsible stewards of organizational monies, ensuring equitable and judicious expenditures for the common good. We support efficient use of resources to maximize the quality and cost-effectiveness of our programs.

Trust: We endeavor to project fairness and professionalism, maintain proactive communication and instill confidence in all members with our commitment to our mission, values and vision.

Quality: We seek excellence in all our endeavors. We partner with our members to better fulfill our mission and goals with consistent levels of quality. We will develop consistency and worth as we strive to provide outstanding leadership and support for all in our pursuit of continuous improvement.

Integrity: We will uphold the values of the WHAA and be transparent in all our actions.