What is the VRP Program? 

The Volunteer and Retired Providers Program is a unique, state-funded program to support healthcare volunteerism in Washington. The program pays for malpractice insurance and license renewal for healthcare volunteers who only use their license for unpaid work (such as retired volunteers). All care must be provided through VRP-approved sites. 

What kind of care is covered under the program? 

VRP malpractice insurance covers all forms of care coded as non-invasive. Non-invasive medical care includes the administration of injections, suturing of minor lacerations, and the incision of boils and superficial abscesses. All obstetric care and procedures coded as surgery are not covered under non-invasive medical care. 

Non-invasive dental care includes diagnosis, oral hygiene, restoration and extraction. Orthodontia and surgical treatments are not covered by our malpractice insurance. 

Who is providing my coverage? 

VRP insurance is provided by Physician’s Insurance. If you have any questions about the insurance coverage, application, or process, feel free to reach out to vrp@wahealthcareaccessalliance.org or 267-713-WHAA (9422). 

I’m retired and no longer practicing. Can I volunteer and use the VRP program for malpractice insurance? 

Yes! The VRP Program covers license renewal fees for providers who only use their license for volunteer work. While your license can be renewed at no cost to you, you are expected to cover any late fees for license renewal. 

What kinds of healthcare licensure are covered under the VRP Program? 

The VRP Program offers malpractice coverage for a wide range of healthcare professionals. Providers most hold licensure with Washington State or other U.S. states. All providers must be in conformity with current requirements for licensure, including continuing education requirements. 

Healthcare providers who are registered or certified, rather than licensed, are not eligible for VRP malpractice insurance. For a breakdown of eligible provider types, please click here. 

I’m an out-of-state volunteer. How do I apply? 

As an out-of-state volunteer, you have a two-step application process to secure VRP malpractice insurance! First, you’ll have to fill out an attestation with the State of Washington here in order to volunteer. To secure malpractice insurance coverage, apply here. 

How do I know that my application is still being processed? I submitted it, but haven’t heard back yet. 

If you have any questions about your application, please contact the VRP Program administrator at vrp@wahealthcareaccessalliance.org or 267-713-WHAA (9422). The VRP Program administrators are available Monday-Friday, typical business hours. 

Can I volunteer at more than one site with VRP coverage? 

Yes! As long as you are volunteering with a VRP-approved site, you are welcome to use your VRP coverage at multiple clinics. 

I don’t want to volunteer anymore. How do I leave the program? 

We’re sorry to see you go! Please get in touch with us at vrp@wahealthcareaccessalliance.org or 267-713-WHAA (9422) to end your participation in the program. 

My VRP malpractice coverage expires on July 1st. Do I need to renew my coverage when it expires? 

No! As an active VRP member, your coverage will be renewed automatically every year. 

Do I need to renew my coverage with the VRP program every year? 

No! If you’re an active VRP member, your coverage gets renewed automatically every year. 

For Healthcare Sites Utilizing Volunteers 

What does the VRP Program do for my clinic? 

The VRP Program reduces barriers to healthcare volunteerism. Many healthcare professionals do not have malpractice insurance that also covers their volunteer work. The VRP Program provides them with malpractice insurance so that they can care for clients in free and charitable clinics, rural health clinic, federally qualified community health centers, and other sites. The VRP Program also covers license renewal fees for those who only use their license for volunteer work (such as retirees). 

Can I pay my VRP volunteers? 

No – in order to be eligible for the VRP Program, volunteers must be offering their services at no cost. 

How do we apply to become a VRP-approved site? 

In order to apply as a VRP-approved site, fill out an application here. You must be able to demonstrate that you: 

What kinds of volunteers are covered under the VRP Program?

How do I find out which of my volunteers are VRP-approved?

To find out which of your volunteers are VRP-approved, contact us at vrp@wahealthcareaccessalliance.org or 267-713-WHAA (9422).

I’m not sure my volunteer has applied for VRP. How can I check?

Get in touch! We’re available at vrp@wahealthcareaccessalliance.org or 267-713-WHAA (9422).